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Corruption protest riots claim 31 lives as rioters defy curfew

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi’s year-old government is facing its toughest time when anti-government demonstrators defied an around-the-clock curfew in Baghdad and other cities on Thursday as Iraqi security forces used live rounds and tear gas during the third day of unrest that has left 31 people dead, most of them protesters. The government also finds itself in cross-fire between the US and Iran.

The streets of Baghdad were littered with tear gas canisters and empty bullet cartridges. Smoke from burned tires rose above the streets as protesters tried to prevent security forces from advancing. The forces spread barbed wires and armored vehicles to block their path.

“Even with a curfew, we are not turning back,” shouted protester Abu Qassim.“I can’t get a government job or find any other job. It is a corrupt government and we came here to take our rights.”

Two demonstrators were killed Tuesday and at least 17 deaths were reported Wednesday, including a policeman, in rallies in Nasiriyah, Kut, and Amara, according to security officials.


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