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‘Donald Trump is the most mentally ill human being in USA’, accuses Rihanna

US pop singer Rihanna accused that US president Donald Trump is the most mentally ill person in USA. Rihanna raised this allegation against the US president in an interview given to a fashion magazine.

She also slammed the US president’s stand to keep guns. ” It is devastating. people are being murdered by war weapons that they legally purchase. This is just not normal. That should never ever be normal” said Rihanna.

Donald Trump’s nature of comparing violence according the colour of the skin shows his communal mentality. ” The fact that it is classified as something different because of the colour of their skin? It is a slap in the face. it is completely racist”, said the singer.

Rihanna has earlier also protested against US president.The pop singer asked not to use her songs for the election campaign rallies of Donald Trump. She also earlier accused that his election rallies were a disaster.


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