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Pakistani female singer gets trolled for threatening PM Modi

Pakistan singer Rabi Pirzada has struck again for threatening PM Modi . This time, she appeared on social media dressed in what looked like a black suicide bomber vest – complete with dynamite sticks and a timer – and identifying herself as the “daughter of Kashmir”.

However, if the singer was trying to make a point with her bizarre stunt, she didn’t get very far. While many simply laughed her off, others claimed that the photograph was symbolic of Pakistan’s support for terrorists targeting India.

“Wow!! You are looking awesome in that traditional Pakistani dress,” wrote a social media user in a sarcastic tweet. Taking the cue, another urged Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to declare the suicide bomber vest as his country’s national dress.

Others wanted the Lahore-based singer to test her vest first, given the quality of Pakistan’s explosives. “Demo please! Just once,” tweeted yet another social media user.

Oddly enough, the singer didn’t get a lot of support from her own countryfolk either. A number of Pakistani social media users sharply reprimanded her, saying that such stunts only serve to sully the country’s image on the global stage.



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