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Pakistan slips from its promise: levies 20 US dollars from Sikh pilgrims to cross the border

Pakistan is again slipping from its promise that it will not levy any tax from Sikh pilgrims after November 9. But reports suggest that the decision to charge 20 US dollars from each pilgrim will continue even after November 9. Earlier Pakistan had declared that the border gates will be free of any charges after November 9.

The Pakistan Army had earlier defied its PM Imran Khan’s order when military spokesman Asif Gafur stated that Indian Passport is mandatory for Sikh Pilgrims at the border gates. This goes against the Pak premieres announcement that Sikh pilgrims from India would need only any sought of identification to cross over to Pak side of the border to visit the revered shrine of Kartarpur Sahib at Pakistan- The holiest Gurudwara of Sikhs.


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