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Posh Maradu flats turned to dust by controlled implosion,Concrete rubble now a grave menace

Two of the four high rise posh apartments,H2O and Alpha Serene were demolished by a controlled implosion at around 11:15 am Saturday morning. Over 350 flats in the coastal city of Maradu, KochiĀ  – that housed 240 families are razed to the ground today. The authorities had taken calculated precautions for the event not to affect the neighboring residential areas and the nearby buzzing city. As per authorities the demolition was 100 percent success with the mammoth towers seemingly sinking to the ground creating a huge cloud of dust.

The Alpha Serene was demolished at around 11:40 and the concrete giant fell at an angle with the remnants falling to the nearby lake. The removal of the concrete remnants in an eco-friendly manner is the next challenge for the authorities. All residences near to the apartment complex were evacuated and the police conducted a door-to-door check to ensure no one is left out. At the time of demolition, the ground tremors were felt all over the region.

Four high rise apartments were ordered by the SC to be demolished by the SC as it violated Coastal regulation zone norms. The remaing apartments will be demolished tomorrow. This is the biggest demolition drive in India involving residential complexes.

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