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“India is the Most Dangerous Place to Live”: Bollywood Actor Javed Jaaferi Spreads Fake Information. Check this Out

Bollywood Actor Javed Jaaferi claimed in a tweet that India has become the most dangerous place to live in, by apparently quoting a data he found in a survey. The actor had quoted his data from a Pakistani website and a light perusal of the data would convince anybody why this is all wrong.

India becomes the most dangerous country to live in: Survey

— Jaaved Jaaferi (@jaavedjaaferi) January 23, 2020

A tweet by The Spectator Index, a handle that posts statistical figures on many areas, had not put India in the first place in the list of most dangerous places to live. India was at fifth place with Brazil, SouthAfrica, Nigeria and Argentina before India in the top four positions.

But then what are the parameters on the basis of which India is in the fifth position? The Spectator Index said that the ranking is done by InterNations and the later made it abundantly clear that they had not compiled a list of most dangerous places to live, but a list where respondents rated countries on the basis of peacefulness, personal safety and political stability.

The ranking or list has nothing to do with crime rates or law and order situation but is based on the opinion of the foreign nationals. Yes, the Internations report is titled Expat Insider 2019 and relies on Expat’s opinion about foreign nations.

Quality of Life, Ease of Settling In, Working Abroad, Family Life, and Personal Finance are the five indices based on which people rated countries and India was ranked 59 among 64 nations. Earlier India was placed at 66th position among 68 countries, so clearly there has been some improvement.

Javed had not done enough research on the topic and he went by the title of the Pakistani website which said “India becomes the most dangerous country to live in Survey. The report then cleverly mentioned that India is ranked top among Asian countries.


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