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Dating sites trend a new approach,AI support for Hitlers vision of a ‘clean race’

Usually dating sites match partner couples with their likes or dislikes, looks, carrier preferences, and educational qualifications. Some sites reach out further and will check if the family background is a perfect match for the registered partners before a date is fixed for them.

But advances in AI and science have major criteria now added to some of the dating sites, which is Genome checking.

Genome editing scientist from Harvard, George Church has his dream mission to ensure no children are born with genetic disorders. Church co-founder of dating app digiD8 makes use of DNA cross-matching as the first criteria for matching future couples. The AI-powered site never puts together a couple who share the same genes, which exponentially increases the risk of genetic disorders in their children.

Though George Church and engineer Barghavi Govindarajan have the idea of eliminating genetically transferred diseases like Sickle cell anemia, Downs Syndrome and cystic fibrosis, there is another dark side for the noble thought that it may support ‘eugenics’.The eugenics movement, which began in the US in the late 19th century, was infamously advocated by Hitler and the Nazis, to create a Germanic ”Übermensch”.The ‘Eugenics’ as a principle, theoretically will evolve a stronger and better human race which may lack diversity.

Critics of digiD8 say that, though Church and Bhargavi have a noble idea, enemies of humanity could use this AI technology for promoting eugenics.


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