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Shoppers evacuated from the Mall,Rebel Thai soldier left scores dead

The rebel Thai soldier who opened fire at a shopping mall on Sunday morning had killed at least 21 shoppers. The killing spree began at the wee hours on Sunday as the trained shooter identified as junior army officer Sergeant-Major Jakrapanth Thomma geared himself in military outfit and ammunitions entered the mall premises.

He relayed his shooting spree through Facebook posts which charted the attack from an army barracks to the mall where an unknown number of shoppers remained trapped. The police felt helpless as the shooter dispersed himself among the panicked crowd. Later authorities successfully evacuated the shopping mall, asking shoppers to gather at the ground floor rasing there hands and to identify themselves.

Sharpshooters and armed police surround the terminal 21 of the mall, said a top-ranking army officer. Authorities are skimpy in letting out the information of the rebel soldier-Jakrapanth but revealed that he came to the mall after shooting down at least one soldier from the army barrack and the machine gun he used to kill the innocent shoppers together with a jeep was stolen from the army arsenal. The motive behind Jakrapanth’s attack is also unclear. After one day of the killing spree, the trained killer is still at large.

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