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Top five foods to boost your sex drive

Sex is one of the most importants part of life. Men spend a lot of time and money on  problems related to sex. Some men find relief in medicines to boost their sex power.But by  giving some attention to our daily diet we can increase sex power. Although daily diet is enough for our body, but experts recommend to consume fruits to improve sex life. This not only increases your sexual power, but also gives you inner strength.


Bananas contain a lot of iron, magnesium and protein along with vitamins A, C, and B1. Which gives a boost to your sex life. Apart from this, sex hormones are also increased in the body of men by the consumption of bananas.


Cashew contains the highest amount of zinc, which increases the level of testosterone hormone.


Garlic is also considered good for sex life. It contains vitamin B6 and selenium, which not only increases sexual power, it also regulates sex hormones.


According to experts, lycopene levels are very low in people with infertility. By eating tomatoes, this hormone remains balanced in the body of men.


Pomegranate is delicious in eating, it is also beneficial. Pomegranate juice increases the sperm count in the body of men and helps to keep them healthy. Sexual ability increases rapidly in men by its use.

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