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Bhim Army gets Political face : Chandrasekhar launches Azad Samaj Party

Bhim Army leader Chandrashekhar Azad launched the new political face of his outfit in an event organized at Noida. The new party is named Azad Samaj Party and the launch date falls in commemoration of the BSP founder Kanshi Ram. The 37-year-old Dalit leader made Kanshi Ram’s photograph his Twitter profile picture. He also launched the party flag, a white band between two blue stripes with Azad Samaj Party written in the middle.

Azad said the Bhim Army will run parallel to the party and continue to fight for Dalit rights and enroll new members. Chandrasekhar was arrested by the Delhi police during an anti-CAA demonstration turned violent in old Delhi. The Delhi HC had cleared him of the allegations and observed foul play to hinder the political rise of an emerging young leader. The party workers today cried foul as the event venue was sealed by Delhi police and notices of ‘Coronavirus’ were pasted on the entrance- to disrupt the event. However, the venue was opened soon after Chandrasekhar came to ‘Safai Village’ in Noida, the site for his party launch.

The young political figure was battle conditioned during the gory clashes between the rich and elite Thakur’s Ranveer Sena with the peasant workforce of Dalits. However, the next steps of Azad, short in a repertoire of essential political tactics are keenly monitored by political analysts.




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