Here are some shocking facts about the pornography

Here are some shocking facts about the pornography

#A new porn film is created in the United States every 39 minutes.

#Women like to watch lesbian porn more than straight sex. In fact, the word “lesbian” is the top-viewed category for Pornhub’s female viewers.

#According to PornHub (one of the Web’s largest porn sites), American’s porn-watching sessions are, on average, the longest in the world. Americans spend an average of 10 minutes and 39 seconds on the website every time they visited. The U.K was second, with Germany taking third.

#According to PornHub, in 2013 the states that spent the longest average time on their site were Mississippi (11:47), Hawaii (11:36), and Arkansas (11:32). In contrast, people in Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire had the shortest porn-watching sessions (at 10:00, 10:01, and 10:02, respectively).

#Worldwide in 2013, PornHub had over 14 billion hits. That averages to 1.68 million visits per hour the entire year.

#Jeanette Ellis, a woman from Gaffney, S.C., was arrested after police caught her going door-to-door selling porn on VHS. She claimed that she found them in a box down the street. She was charged with not having a permit.

#The 1988, People vs. Freeman court cases stated that adult film production, as long as it does not “hurt” others, was protected as free speech under the First Amendment. In other words, if porn involves consenting adults, it is protected.

#In 2001, hackers in a Dresden, Germany, supermarket streamed a sex channel on a big screen meant to show daily specials.

#During a primary school meeting in Northern Ireland, a priest accidentally showed X-rated photos to a group of parents. He was later asked to take a sabbatical leave from the priesthood.

#Porn was mistakenly aired for an entire 10 minutes in the background during a national TV news report on Syria in January 2013.

#In Normandy, France, a preschool teacher thought she was clicking on a cartoon when she inadvertently clicked on a hardcore porn file. Not realizing her mistake, she left the room before the clip began, and the film played for several minutes.

#The size of the porn industry worldwide is $100 billion. Between $10 billion and $12 billion of that comes from the United States.


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