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Coronavirus Lockdown : Here are some security tips for work from home

Here Are Security Tips For Work From Home (WFH):

#Change all the default passwords and keep a strong password for all devices and online account.

#Don’t share meeting links publicly or via social media platforms.

#Use trusted apps/as approved by your employer for video conferencing/collaborative work.

#Keep all operating system, antivirus, application updated.

#Avoid open/free wi-fi network, change the default password of your home wi-fi and admin passwords.

#Be careful of phishing e-mails which emails which may be disguised as similar to your superior mail id. Check the link properly before opening it.

#Use a secure network for accessing the office system.

#Keep the remote access disable until and unless required. If required should be used with proper security.

#Do not use the same devices for work and leisure activities.

#Use computer laptop provided by the company, instead of a personal system wherever possible.


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