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During sex do these things to turn your partner ‘on’

Sex is one of the most beautiful thing in relationship. And in sex cuddling is one of the best way to releasing stress and anxiety.

Do these  hottest techniques to   turn your cuddling sessions into something completely sexy, sensuous and scintillating experience.

1.Spank her Butt:

During your cuddling session just spank her butt.  This will make her hornier but also give her the feeling that you want more of her.

2.Give  her  French Kiss:

In the middle of your cuddling session give her  a French kiss. The involvement of tongues and the exchange of saliva is sure to heat up things in the bedroom.

3.Caress her Breasts:

Caressing with her breasts and playing with them will not only make her moan and wet but also turn you on. First move your fingers gently around her breasts, once you see her start enjoying it, that’s your cue to start caressing them. You could also lick them and then press your chest tightly against her breasts.

4.Let her feel how hard you are:

Instead of getting completely naked, have your pants on this time. And when you are hard enough, take her hand and make her feel the erection while you have your pants on.


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