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National Masturbation Day 2020 : Here’s all you need to know

According to National Day, there are a wide array of events that come and go each month without many even realising.

There’s a whole range to choose from including more serious occasions such as International Firefighters’ Day and World Asthma Day to more comical events such as International Hummus Day and World Naked Gardening Day. And that’s just in the month of May!


Another bizarre event to grace us in the month of May is the so-called National Masturbation Day.

We all know that masturbation is not only fun but incredibly beneficial for our health. It can relieve stress and boost your mood. However, overdoing it can be quite harmful. We are not just talking about chafing but also depression, anxiety, and attachment issues. How exactly how much is too much? You should seek help if you want to stop but cannot and if you are sore doing it. Here are a few signs that can tell if your masturbation habit is an addiction.

You Masturbate More Than Usual

If masturbation is taking up all your time and energy, it could be a sign of addiction. Do you spend hours upon hours on the Internet searching for the fuel to feed your fire? Do you find yourself masturbating for hours in a day? You are addicted!

You Masturbate in Risky Places

Have you been caught masturbating by your partner or at work or anywhere in public? If you find that your desire to masturbate outweighs your risk radar, it might be time to seek help.

You Do it Even When You Don’t Feel Sexual

If you feel like you need to masturbate even when you are not enjoying it could be a worrying sign. It might indicate that you have attachment issues and you might then begin to think it will make you feel better, even if it does not last very long.

You Masturbate to Manage Your Negative Moods

If you are addicted to masturbation, you may use it as a way to block out stress. Masturbation can act as a coping mechanism if you have experienced trauma. You are in a bubble if you are addicted to self-pleasure.

You Feel Guilty After Masturbating

Masturbating comes hand in hand with pleasure, but if the feeling of shame and guilt post the session hits you, it could be a sign that things are not right. You could end up feeling strange if negative emotions become associated with masturbation.


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