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Sex and Life : Girls should know these sex benefits

A new research has revealed that a kind of dull and monotonous sex life for women is associated with menstrual problems. To find out the connection between sex life and menstrual problem, British researchers examined the sex life and menopause (menopause) status of about 3 thousand American women for 10 years.

Researchers found that women who lacked sex in their lives. Meaning that women who used to give less importance to sexual relations, those women had to stop menstruation or menopause at an early age. If a woman does not have sexual intercourse, then there is no possibility of conception, in such a situation, the body does not want to consume energy in the act of ovulation, which is useless.

There are many benefits of staying active in regular sex life. Jennifer says that the lack of menstruation in women before reaching the age of one (50 years of age) means that your bones are strong and your cholesterol levels can also be better. According to this, menstruation is associated with not being involved in sexual activities. Apart from this, he told that women who are unaccompanied by oral sex, fondling (for play), masterbation (masturbation) can also enjoy such benefits by advancing menopause.


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