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Sex and Life : Here’s the effective treatment of sleep sex

Many people have disorders related to sex in sleep. This disorder is called sleep sex. It is also called Sexsomnia. Sexomia is a type of Parasomiaca. The condition of abnormal behavior of the person in sleep is called parasomia. It is a sleep disorder. In sexomia, a person performs sexual activities while sleeping. In which all sexual activities can be done by the person, masturbation, sexual intercourse etc. You will learn more about this serious disorder, what is sleep sex, symptoms, causes and risk factors of sleep sex, what tests are done for sleep sex and how to treat it.

Treatment of sleep sex –

With the regular habit of sleeping and awakening at the right time, you can easily overcome sleep sex disorder. After curing the symptoms of sexomia, the person starts to sleep properly. It usually takes a long time to understand the causes of sleep sex.

Medications for sexomia –

Use of medicines to treat symptoms related to sexomia provides relief in this disorder. In this, the causes of obstruction in your sleep, such as treating sleep apnea, reduce the problem of sexomia.

Therapeutic treatment of sexomia includes –


Take drugs that relieve anxiety and depression.

Taking CPAP therapy to correct nasal breathing process.

Taking pain relieving medicines.

Taking medicines that reduce acidity.

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