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Coronavirus : Government of this country advise public to find sex partner in lockdown

Amidst growing cases of Coronavirus infection, the Netherlands government has given peculiar advice to its citizens. The government says that during the lockdown enforced due to Corona, people who are single can find a sex partner for themselves. The government of the country is also guiding the people for this.

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) of the Netherlands states that single people who desire sexual relations should make arrangements to live with another person. It has also been said that sex with a regular partner is possible because they are very close and it is impossible to physically stay away from each other. The RIVM has also clarified that if any of the two have signs of corona infection, then a physical relationship should be avoided.

The advisory issued by RIVM states that being single you can aspire for physical relationships, but it also requires caution. People have been told in the advisory that it is important that you take all necessary measures keeping in mind the danger of corona while having sex. Follow the rules applied to the coronavirus.


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