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Sex during lockdown : Know unknown facts related to sex

Sex is the most important part of the human aspect. Whom everyone wants to live openly, not only that, there are many unknown things related to sex about which today everyone is desperate to know, whether child or old, everyone wants to knoe more and more about sex. Knowledge is needed, so let’s know some special things related to sex today.

– Women feel better orgasm during or just before menstruation. The main reason for this is blood circulation in the pelvic area.

– There is a belief about pregnancy that during this time there is a huge decrease in the sexual desire of women but it’s not like that. The sexual desire of women increases either during pregnancy. It then remains constant.

– Men are most attracted to women in red colored clothes.

– In terms of sex, women are much more imaginative than men. This helps them to make the relationship sweet as well as satisfaction.

– Having sex two to three times every week increases our immunity.

– Men think about sex every seven seconds.

– According to a study, the most preferred place for young people to have sex after the bedroom is cars.

– Women who use birth control pills see a significant decrease in sex stimulation.


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