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“Very bad thing for the country”,Trump hints his fears if failed to get reelected

In his first ever explicit expression of what may happen after the upcoming US election,President Trump said he will quietly leave the White house but added that it could be a ‘Very bad thing for the country’ if he loses the November elections.

“Certainly, if I don’t win, I don’t win,” Trump told Fox News in an interview that was aired on Friday. If he does not win the election scheduled for November 3, Trump continued, “you go on, do other things.”Political analysts were skeptic on Trump’s peaceful withdrawal from the Oval office,given his typical political behavior.

Trump is facing a serious backlash in voter preferance after the US is overwhelmed with a series of cascading disasters-the pandemic which killed more than 100000 US citizens,Job and financial losses comparable to the World war era and the social unrest triggered by the custodial killing of Afro-American, George Floyd.

Trump’s exteme nationalistic and divisive policies are blamed by western media for the surge in racial atrocities.The protests against racial injustice have quickly spread deep into white, small-town America, notably throughout parts of the US that delivered the presidency for Trump.


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