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Ayurvedic doctor makes country’s first immunity boosting energy bar and toffee from Chyavanaprash

Immune-enhancing drugs have become very popular in India after the Corona pandemic. In Ayurveda, Chyavanprash is considered to be excellent for increasing immunity if used regularly. But today many people, especially children, do not like Chyavanprash due to its taste. With this in mind, Vaidya Prerak Shah, a well-known Ayurveda doctor, has made Energy Bars and Toffees from Chyavanprash, the country’s first immunity booster.

According to Prerak Shah,the greasy nature of Chyavanprash makes it reluctant both for children and adults.Doctor Shah has been trying to remove greasy fat and make Chyavanprash more palatable and have finally succeeded in turning it into a toffee and bar. This is exactly one bar breakfast-which means one energy bar has all things essential for a complete breakfast.

This Chyavanprash toffee claims to Improve Immunity and Energy Levels, Enhances Your Body’s Resistance, Keeps Illnesses At Bay, Aids Digestion, Sound Sleep and Enhances Your Appetite Along With Overall Body Functions. Dr.Shah recommends its dosage as 1-2 toffees a day.

The toffees will be available commercially with the  name ‘Chakaash’ by the end of year,under brand name Sabrosa


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