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Are you free to step out after a negative Covid test report? Important guidelines for UAE residents

UAE residents upon their arrival are subjected to Covid-19 test at the airport.Authorities for better clarity had issued guidelines which are to be strictly followed,denial of which would invite hefty fines of up to 50,000 AED.

The guidelines given to Dubai Media office,asks all travellers not to step out until their test report arrives.If you are tested positive then it is required to isolate for 14 days.If test returns negative 14 day quarantine is not a must.But you are required to strictly comply with the following measures.

1)Residents should register their complete details in the Covid-19 smart app available online upon arrival and before leaving the UAE terminals

2)Residents should not leave their house until they receive Covid-19 result.If they test positive they should home isolate themselves for 14 days.

3)All travellers must strictly observe physical distancing guidelines in accordance with measures demonstrated at Dubai airports and they should use face masks at all time.

4)All travellers must observe precautionary measures and monitor themselves for Covid-19 symptoms.

For travellers to emirates other than Dubai,The National crisis and Emergency Management authority
asks residents to observe a 14 day quarantine when they return to UAE.This 14 day quarantine is mandatory for residents in Abudhabi,Sharjah,Ajman,Ras Al Khaimah,Umm al Khuwain and Fujairah.

This essentially means that if you live in any Emirate other than Dubai,you are mandatorily listed for a 14 day quarantine after return to UAE-as per Al Hosn hotline. Even if you land in a Dubai airport, if you are not residing in Dubai ,this 14 day day quarantine is a must.Breaching the home quarantine instructions will lead to a hefty fine of AED 50,000 as per National crisis and Emergency Management authority.The Al Hosn hotline also instructs those who come to receive the passengers to completely avoid all physical contact and ensure physical distancing when meeting with family.

The passengers must immediately isolate themselves from the family and strictly follow quarantine rules for the safety of family ans their loved ones.


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