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A Man Ate Pizza Everyday For 10 Years And Believe It Or Not, It Saved His Life!!! Read more…..

A 48 years old man from Salem Oregon named Kirk Alexander was a huge fan of pizza. Every day, he has been eating Domino’s Pizza for about a decade. The staff of Domino’s Pizza, where Alexander always ordered a pizza were shocked when suddenly he stopped ordering a pizza.

Alexander ordered pizza regularly, according to the general manager at Domino’s Pizza, Sarah Fuller. They always knew that Alexander ordered because his name was shown on the screen whenever Alexander orders online.

Rober Lalonde, one of his neighbors who is living just across the street of his house, told that some of Alexander’s neighbors, including him, would knock on Alexander’s door, but he rarely answered.
It was almost every day when Alexander ordered a pizza. Sarah said Alexander was very comfortable when it comes to familiarity, and he knows their driver quite well because he is chatting to them at the door.

They suddenly stopped receiving orders from Kirk for a couple of days, which left them with a negative feeling about it. Initially, they figured Alex might have taken a vacation off, or maybe meeting his family and friend, or being sent on a business trip by his company.
A few of the delivery men have started to realize that as days passed, Alexander hadn’t put an order for quite some period now and even asked Sarah about it. Sarah found out that it was 11 days since Kirk last ordered pizza upon checking the delivery records.

Sarah knew straight away that something might be wrong with Alexander since it has been 11 days since he last ordered pizza. For years Kirk has always been a regular customer to them,
According to the team, Kirk was not just their friend, but to them, it was like a family. The team knows him so well that they do know it is not going to be that long if he were to take a holiday. Might it be that he was exhausted from Domino’s and tried ordering from a different pizza place?

Because it has been too long after his last order, they are already getting worried about their favorite customer. Going by her intuition that this absence of Fuller was caused by something more serious, Fuller asked one of the employees on duty to go and check Kirk’s place.
The employee Fuller sent noticed that there were still lights in the house. She decided to check up on the house, and when she was neared, there is also background noise coming from the television. There’s still no response or signs of movement inside the house. Even when they dial in his number, there was no email, and they are just being sent to voicemail.

It was apparent that something seems amiss. The employee continued to knock on the door despite nobody answering his knock. He tried over and over but nothing. It was all effort to reach him, but when he got nothing, he decided to update his colleagues back at the store about it.
They called 911. The call started with, “Good day, this is Hamblen from Domino’s Pizza. We have a customer who regularly orders food from us every day and, it’s been 11 days since he last ordered from us.” After giving the details, the operator immediately called Marion County’s Sheriff’s office.

It may sound weird to the operator, but Hamblen explained that Kirk had been ordering from them for ten years already. This was not normal because it has been 11 days since he last ordered and never missed. He was hoping that the operator would understand the situation and not take it lightly.
The call was successful, and Marion County’s Sheriff asked his deputies to check Alexander’s house. The police reached Alexander’s place, and they knocked on the front door while calling out Alexander. No one knows what situation they will be presented with.

Sarah explained in her story that the police officers might have heard Alexander crying inside for help. This led to officers breaking the door and calling paramedics. The situation was an emergency, and they rushed Alexander to the hospital for treatment. They also found out on records of the patient that he had suffered minor strokes before.
The officers who broke the door to get in found Kirk on the floor. He was immediately taken to the nearest hospital as soon as the ambulance arrived.

When the officers saw Kirk lying on the floor, they knew that immediate help was required. They were still able to do something about it, but it will be too late for Alexander if the call and the rescue were not made that day.
Nobody knows how long Kirk was lying on the floor. It may have been hours or days Alexander did suffer a stroke, and he seemed not to recall the incidents that transpired before his fall.
The workers at Domino’s were relieved that Kirk was saved by the doctors who attended on him. Fuller said that as a regular customer. Kirk was already treated as a family member. Everyone wishes for Kirk to have a speedy recovery. Kirk was fortunate to have been found that day.

There are many Domino’s stores across the country, and each branch plays an essential role in their community. As they are serving food, the customers are also developing good relationships with them. And since they are also delivering food at their homes, they will undoubtedly build a rapport with these customers.
During her visits, Kirk was showing signs of weakness. His responses were limited to yes or no only. On the following day that she visited, it seemed like he got much better overnight. On the third day, Kirk had understood a lot better. He was already transferred to the rehabilitation center.

A particular bond was developed between Alexander and the employees. To the point that they visited Alexander in the hospital. They also made sure that he is getting better, and his condition is improving. The employees would drop by the hospital and take care of their needs, and make sure he knows that they care for him.
Everyone wishes for Kirk’s speedy recovery. The good news is, we know that he was slowly recuperating in the hospital. He will return to his routine in no time, getting food from Domino’s Pizza, his favorite fast-food chain!

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