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Siberian lake turns bright pink because of heat!!! Watch the drone video…

A lake in a remote Siberian region has dramatically turned blood-red. Aerial drone footage of Burlinskoye Lake shows the body of water completely blood-red. The video prompted fears among online observers of ‘apocalyptic’ scenarios and ‘biblical’ warnings. During the summer season, the lake’s salt concentration reaches 253 grams per liter, which is close to what is typically found in the Dead Sea, meaning humans are unable to sink. Many visit the Burlinskoye Lake for health purposes due to its high salt content.

Locals quickly dispelled the apocalyptic claims, after explaining that the bizarre watercolor happens every year. Each summer, Russian tourists flock to the Altai Region to catch a glimpse of the lake that turns a spectrum of ‘blood-red’ to ‘bubblegum pink’ in hot, dry weather. The color comes from tiny species of brine shrimp called Artemia salina, which lives in Burlinskoye Lake. This shrimp exudes a unique pink pigment that becomes brighter under dry and warm weather conditions.

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