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A dog guides its drunk owner to bed!!! Watch video

Hannah Quintus has a pet camera to keep an eye on her dog Jax when she’s not at home. The device was filmed when she came in after an evening out and she was drunken. The devoted dog using her paws guide Hannah into bed safely, watching on as his tipsy owner moved around the house. The footage has been viewed millions of times online, Hannah can be seen throwing pillows onto her bed but ends up stumbling backward.

As she puts out her hands to help steady herself, quick-thinking Jax leaps into action, stopping Hannah from falling by jumping up and placing his front paws on her shoulders. He then guides her back over to her bed, before gently pressing on her shoulders so that she sits down. Hannah shared the incredible video on TikTok, writing: “Came home after a few too many and caught this video on my pet cam.” Many people commented to say how impressed they were by Jax’s actions, with many saying he is the ‘best dog ever’. Hannah has had Jax since he was seven weeks old and posts about their life together on TikTok and Instagram.

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