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“Paranormal wedding”; A woman calls off wedding with her ghost boyfriend… Read that interesting story here

A Uk woman calls off the wedding with her  ‘ghosted’ fiance. Amethyst Realm is a 32-year-old woman who called off her wedding with a ‘spirit’ she had met on a trip.  She fell in love with a ‘sexy’ ghost whose name was Ray. She consummated the relationship on her flight back home.  It was their nine-month anniversary when the ghost proposed to her, to which she happily said yes.  Things were going beautifully for the ‘couple’ but it all started to go downhill when they were on a trip to Thailand. According to Realm, Ray was not being himself. In an interview with the British show, ‘This Morning’, she said, “It was going really well until we went on a holiday. He just changed suddenly. I think he maybe he fell into a bad crowd. He started to become really inconsiderate.”


Not only that, Ray brought back other ‘spirits’ home and his casanova self came to the fore. Those spirits stayed around for days on end and it deepened the rift in their rather ‘out of this world’ marriage. After further deliberations, they had to call their wedding off as things were just getting worse with the spirit’s philandering ways.  Amethyst Realm is known for her ‘paranormal’ affairs. Two years back, she had revealed that she had cheated on her fiance with a ghost and this started her stint with ‘spooky’ relationships.

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