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The girl who dreamed of the sky; Father about Kalpana Chawla…

The girl who dreamed of the sky, that was the first Indian astronaut Kalpana Chawla. Kalpana died in an accident in 2003 during a return flight of NASA’s Columbia spacecraft. The other six passengers on board the spacecraft were killed in the crash. Seventeen years after Kalpana’s death, father Laul Chawla shares his daughter’s space dreams.

He was sharing an interview with News18 about the childhood of Kalpana, which has become an inspiration to many girls around the world. Kalpana was only three or four years old when she first saw the plane. she was playing on the terrace of the house when she saw the plane take off. Seeing her excitement, she took us to the nearest flying club and a pilot took us for a ride. The joy of the commandment was beyond words. She wanted to fly too, says her father.

Her father says she used to make planes out of pieces of paper during school hours. The teacher had said that her daughter was playing with paper planes during the holidays. That’s what gradually led her to become an astronaut. After school, he joined the Punjab Engineering College to study aeronautical engineering. But there are still those who say that the course does not have much potential in India. Her father says that did not dampen the power of the command.

Her father says she did not believe in commandment luxury. She stayed at NASA because she really enjoyed the work she did. Although well paid, more money was donated to the education of underprivileged children. The father says Kalpana was a man who thought that children, especially girls, should not suffer for the sake of education.

He also says that parents should be prepared to listen to their daughters. You need to listen to what they have to say. They should be allowed to study. Should be supported. They need to make sure they get everything they need to focus fully on education.

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