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Not even the cost of a biryani; you can buy a house in this Italian city for just Rs 86!

Today lakhs and crores of rupees are needed to buy a house, no one may even imagine to get a house at just 86 rupees. But, the thing is true. This interesting news came from Salemi, a small town in Italy. There are some serious facts behind selling a house for Rs 86. Salemi is a city that has been threatened by declining population for years. Authorities aim to attract more people to the city through the new project.

Neighbors had earlier tried to sell the abandoned houses but no one cooperated. The Covid period exacerbated the crisis. With this, the town management tried to solve the problem by selling the houses at a low price.
Salemi Mayor Dominico Venuti said the project was launched after all the basic needs such as access to homes, electricity and sewerage were addressed. Those who want to buy a house can get the application form from the official website of Salemi City Council. Pictures and details of each house are available on the website. Those interested should send in a look at the renovation plan and pay an investment of Rs 2,89,088.

If the renovation is completed as per the plan within three years, the investment will be refunded. Permission will be granted after the council evaluates the financial impact of each project and the potential changes in the city.
The historic town of Salemi is located on the southwest side of the island of Sicily. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, some houses in the town of Salemi are surrounded by ancient city walls dating back to the 1600s. More than 4,000 people have fled the city since the aftermath of the 1968 Belize Valley earthquake. Since then, many parts of the city of Salemi have been like a desert.


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