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Google Pixel 5 has no flexibility and no sound. Know more!!!

Users of Google Pixel 5 are reporting problems such as no flexibility and no sound.

Google Pixel 5 is a new dual-SIM smartphone from Google that was launched on October 8, 2020. A user of Pixel 5 said, “Disappointing more and more disappointing. Seems that being a monopoly or oligarchy high-tech member ends in technical innovation freeze.

There noticed two main issues with the phone. Some users have noticed the inflexible volume randomly while playing videos, while others report that it gets too loud for things like notifications, screenshots, the camera shutter button, and other system sounds.

A Pixel user wrote, a more common issue and adjusting the volume sliders doesn’t help fix the problem. “I first noticed this when I went to record a voice message in WhatsApp; touching the mic and releasing it both resulted in very loud sounds. I tried the same in the native messages app that came with the phone; while the sound is not nearly as nasty, it’s still inordinately loud, ignoring my volume settings. Perhaps the most obvious instance is the sound of the screenshot. These things are loud and do not care what I do with my volume sliders.”




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