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Oppo X 2021 is the World’s First Rollable Display Phone. Read more!!!

Oppo has disclosed the world’s first smartphone with a rollable display that expands horizontally. It exhibited the original piece of technology at its Inno Day 2020. This is the second year of its big expo and last time we had seen an AR Glass headset and a prototype in-display camera phone. This year, the brand has showcased a sleeker AR Glass headset and the eponymous Oppo X.

Oppo says the X employs a comb-like internal frame that ensures its strength regardless of the form factor. Of course, there’s a motor handling this movement and it’s called “roll motor powertrain”. To secure the sturdiness of the outer screen, the company is using “Warp Track” lamination.

Oppo placed an emphasis on the durability and support structure behind its rollable display. The company built a special 2 in 1 plate, which acts as the support when the display is contracted or extended. It achieves this by having the support panel comprise of two parts with one portion sliding out along with the display to keep a rigid structure and achieve a flat surface. Oppo’s Chief 5G scientist Henry Tang stated that “Compared with foldable technologies, rollable displays are a lot more adaptable as they are adjustable between minimum and maximum sizes for different use case scenarios.”

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