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Gorilla tries to help injured bird to fly again….Watch!!!

Gorillas are beastly creatures that look very intimidating and unwelcoming at first sight. But they are gentler than most big creatures, a side of the primate that animal experts get to experience and understand.

The video shows a gentle gorilla inside a zoo enclosure checking on an injured bird before trying to help it fly. At the start of the video, a medium-sized gorilla is seen making his way through the lawn. Some zoo visitors are heard speaking in the background.

After a few seconds, the visitors realise the gorilla was checking out an injured bird that was lying on the ground.  The large primate bends down and checks on the bird first. After a few seconds, it gives the bird a nudge and helps it to get going.


As the bird appeared to be too groggy to take flight, the gorilla left it in peace and walked away. The visitors are continuously heard saying that the gorilla is helping the bird.

“It was amazing such a big animal could be so gentle. It walked over to the bird and tried very gently to get the bird to fly away. When the bird didn’t fly away, the gorilla walked away without ever harming it,” said the woman who filmed the heartwarming moment.

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