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US tourist returns the stolen ancient Roman artifact with letter of apology

An American woman who visited the beautiful city, Rome, decided to return an ancient Roman marble that she stole in 2017 with a personal apology note.

The woman, identified as Jess, returned an ancient marble to the National Roman Museum and apologized “for being such an American a*****e” for taking something that was not “rightfully mine”.

The package was sent to the museum from Atlanta, the US and the museum has decided not to press charges against the woman. “From its tone, we imagine it was a young woman…In 2017 she must have come to Rome, and took this fragment of marble in order to gift it to her boyfriend,” said National Roman Museum director Stéphane Verger.

Her apology note read, “I feel terrible for not only stealing this item from its rightful place but placing writing on it.” “It was a big mistake on my part and only now, as an adult, do I realize just how thoughtless and despicable it was.” Stephane Verger added, “It is a spontaneous gesture, but the fruit of conscious reflection.”

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