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“I was crushed and made me feel like I was a drug addict,”; Black doctor dies of Covid ,alleges racism in h…

A black doctor in Indianapolis has lost his life with Covid-19 weeks after she blamed a doctor for refusing her proper medical supervision because of her ethnicity. In a video from her bed at Indiana University Hospital North, Susan Moore told that she had to “beg” for a cure. Delivering its condolences, the hospital said it took charges of racism very seriously but could not remark on distinctive patients. Black people are at greater risk from Covid than white people, studies show. Dr. Moore, 52, died at another local hospital on Sunday.

? Update 7On biPap being transferred to ICUupdate 6I was home for less than 12 hours. Spiked a temperature of 103 and my blood pressure plummeted to 80/60 with a heart rate of 132. I’m back in the hospital, a different hospital Saint Vincent Carmel.??Those people were trying to kill me. Clearly everyone has to agree they discharge me way too soon. They are now treating me for a bacterial pneumonia as well as Covid pneumonia. I am getting very compassionate care. They are offering me pain medicine?Update #5I am home in my own bed????Update #4? No fever this morning. Oxygen saturation deep down to 89%. Blood pressure slightly high but stable. Heart rate is in the normal range. I do feel short of breath but I am off the oxygen. I’m only on Decadron now. And more than likely I’ll go home today.Update #3I now have a pulmonologist who has adjusted my care plan. My pain is been adequately treated. The chief medical officer has stated that there will be some diversity training and they’re working on getting me an apology from Dr. bannec. I continue to be fever free and this is day three of that. Still short of breath and in generally weak ???Update #2This is Dr Susan Moore and I’ve spoken to the CMO of the IU healthcare system. He assures me that all my concerns will be addressed and that he will personally see that I get the best care possible. My pain is being properly managed now. I remain on oxygen 2 L and I’m now coughing up blood. I have spoken to pulmonology and they are going to increase My Decadron.Update #1The CMO of IU Medical healthcare system ?has been contacted.I found out that ?Dr. bannec has a poor reputation dating as far back as three years.?I did receive IV pain medication which helped tremendously last nightThe nurse taking care of me last night and the tech were both African-American. They brought in the nurse from IU Methodist downtown Indianapolis.??I am so scared please give me some advice on how to proceed.I am admitted at IU north with COVID-19?11/22/2020 Tested negative for COVID-19 11/29/2020 Tested positive for COVID-19 I presented with respiratory rate in the 30s, heart rate in the 150s and a fever of 101.5?I had to beg to get the Remdesivir because Dr. Bannec said my chest x-ray was normal???. I then had to beg for a CT of my chest which I finally got and it showed large mediastinal lymphadenopathy right lower lobe infiltrate in a new left lower lobe infiltrate.After receiving two infusions of the Remdesivir dr. Bannec said I don’t qualify, I’m not short of breath, he doesn’t know why my neck hurts and he doesn’t feel comfortable giving me any narcotics. All I can do is cry I was in so much pain. He said you can just go home right now. Of note he did not even listen to my lungs he didn’t touch me in any way. He performed no physical exam. I told him you cannot tell me how I feel. Next thing I know stat stat CT angiogram was ordered for my neck which showed new infiltrates in my lungs superiorly and new pleural effusion since December 1 in addition to new mediastinal lymphadenopathy. Next thing I know I’m getting a phone call saying what can we get for your pain. Why do I have to prove that there’s something wrong with me in order for my pain to be treated. I have informed the patient advocate?????

Posted by Susan Moore on Friday, December 4, 2020

On 4th December in her post on Facebook, she explained how her pain had been de-emphasized by the doctor, whom she said was white, though she had been screaming and having a problem with breathing.” He did not even listen to my lungs, he didn’t touch me in any way. He performed no physical exam. I told him you cannot tell me how I feel,” she wrote. A statement from the hospital said, “as an organization committed to equity and reducing racial disparities in healthcare, we take accusations of discrimination very seriously and investigate every allegation”.We stand by the commitment and expertise of our caregivers and the quality of care delivered to our patients every day.”

Dr. Moore is endured by her 19-year-old son, Henry, and her parents, who sorrow from dementia, according to a GoFundMe page formed up to assist obscure the family’s expenses. The page has already extended more than $102,000 (£75,000). Dr. Moore tested positive for Covid-19 on 29 November and was admitted with a high fever while she coughed up blood and toiled to breathe. But even as a physician herself, she said she had struggled with getting supervision.

Dr. Moore stated that she had had to beg for antiviral Remdesivir doses and request a scan of her chest. The doctor at one point told her she did not allow for the drug and that she should go home.”He made me feel like I was a drug addict,” Dr. Moore said in a Facebook video. “And he knew I was a physician. I don’t take narcotics. I was hurting.”Dr. Moore wrote she had asked a medical advocate and had requested to be moved elsewhere. She was finally discharged but had to return hours later after undergoing a drop in blood pressure and fever.”This is how black people get killed,” Dr. Moore said. “When you send them home and they don’t know how to fight for themselves.”

Her post later contained an update stating the hospital’s chief medical officer had said staff would obtain diversity practice. But a promise for an apology from the doctor she blamed of racism fell through.” I put forward and I maintain, if I was white, I wouldn’t have to go through that,” she said. Dr.Moore’s experience and death have flared an uproar over US healthcare discrepancies encountered by black Americans.

The virus has disproportionately impacted black and other minority communities in the US. Black Americans are three times more likely to die from the virus than white Americans. An estimation by the Brookings Institution conveyed “in every age category, black people are dying from Covid at approximately the same rate as white people more than a decade older”.

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