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Married at an old age home, Kochaniyan Menon and Lakshmi Ammal celebrate their first wedding anniversary…

Kochaniyan Menon (68) and Lakshmi Ammal (67) are overjoyed as they celebrated their first wedding anniversary on December 28. In 2019, the couple snatched the attention of the media being the first couple to get married in a Govt. Old Age Home in Kerala. The couple is inmates of Govt. Old age home in Ramavarmapuram.

Completing one year of togetherness, the grandpa and granny opened about their life as a married couple. “We are happy here. The government and old age home staff are taking good care of us. This old age home gifted a new life to us and we will continue to live here as a happy couple,” said Lakshmi Ammal. She expressed how happy and excited she is to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with Kochaniyan, the love of her life.

The couple who got united at the old age home got married last year. Kochaniyan who was partially paralyzed and still face health problems looked confident as he has the support of his wife now. The couple did not celebrate their anniversary but they together visited Kochaniyan’s mother who blessed them. Kochaniyan says there are some people in my family who are not ready to accept their marriage. But they are happy in their small world.


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