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Ohio teacher’s affirmation song for students wins social media….

A video of a kindergarten teacher from Ohio, USA has gone viral on social media. The pledge song that the teacher gave to the children is now notable on social media.

Monica Waters, a teacher, shared a video of herself taking the oath of office with her students on Instagram. “I am strong, talented, talented, very special, I can conquer everything…” and the teacher tells the children to give love kisses to their most talented brains.


According to the post, the teacher takes the vows with the children every day before the class starts. ‘ We say these each morning during our morning meeting! Morning meeting is such a special part of the day. It sets the tone and gets off to a great a start!’. This is what Monica says on her Instagram.

The video has taken over social media. More than 75,000 people watched Monica’s video.

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