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Doctors surprised to see a baby born with unique white streak in her hair

A baby born with a unique white streak in her hair. When the baby Maya was born, the doctors and nurses were amazed to see her. The doctors told the family that Maya’s hair was peculiar and that the baby had a condition called piebaldism. Today Maya is a star who has so many fans on Instagram with her feature. However, the baby’s hair did not surprise mother Talita. Because she and many in her family have this uniqueness. This condition is caused by a lack of melanin, which gives color to hair, eyes, and skin. The front hairs of Maya are white.

Many who saw Maya began to admire her hair. That’s how Talita decided to create a page on Instagram for Maya. Today Maya has so many fans. Many call Maya ‘a girl born of light’ and ‘a fashion baby’. Maya is two years old today. Talita says she raised her daughter by teaching her to respect others and respect their physical characteristics.

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