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Islamabad to Islamagood; Online petition gathers 300 signatures

Online petition to change the name of the capital of Pakistan from Islamabad to “Islamagood” hits 300 signatures. The petition is started by Ayham Abrar who claims to be a native of Bangladesh.

In the description section for his petition on Change he wrote, “Islam is good. Pakistan love Islam. Why IslamaBAD? Love from Bangladesh.” The petition has so far gathered 309 signatures and is directed at the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

Many on Twitter pointed out that the petition makes little sense because Islamabad is technically not “Islama-bad”. Instead, it is “Islam-abad.” Islamabad actually means the City of Islam. It is a compound word consisting of two Urdu words – Islam and Abad. Abad cannot be translated to location. That is why a large number of places, end with the suffix ‘Abad’.

In 2020, a similar online petition was filed on Change.org to change the name of Columbus, in Ohio, US. The suggested name was “Flavourland.” This petition had a deeper cultural and historical significance. There are protests against the intersectional racism inherent in the United States of America (USA). These protests brought a lot of changes. One of these required changes was the removal of the statues of Christopher Columbus.

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