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Federal Customs Authority issues full list of items that are banned and allowed in UAE

The Federal Customs Authority (FCA)  in UAE has issued a detailed list of items that are banned and allowed in UAE. The list includes the items that visitors coming to UAE can carry and also other items that are banned in the country.

Here is the full list:

Permitted luggage:

– Digital cameras, TV and receiver (one of each)

– Personal sports equipment

– Portable computers and printers

– Medication for personal use, provided it complies with applicable regulations.

– Movie projection devices

– Radio and CD players

>> The maximum number of cigarettes allowed per traveller is 200.

>> Tobacco products and alcoholic drinks should not be carried by travellers aged below 18 years.

Prohibited items:

– Narcotics

– Paan substances, including betel leaves

– Gambling tools and machines

– Nylon fishing nets

– Live animals of pig species

– Raw ivory

– Laser pens with red light package

– Fake and counterfeited currency

– Publications, pictures, religiously offensive or immoral drawings and stone sculptures.

 Restricted commodities:

(Entry of a number of restricted commodities may be allowed after permission for the competent authorities)

– Live animals

– Plants

– Fertilizers and pesticides

– Weapons, ammunitions, explosives and fireworks

– Medicines, drugs and medical equipment and instruments

– Media publications and products

– New vehicle tyres

– Transmission and wireless devices

– Alcoholic drinks

– Cosmetics and personal care products

– Raw diamonds

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