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Scientists came up with a shocking discovery about the Earth

Scientists have come up with a shocking discovery regarding the earth. They have found that the Pacific Hemisphere cools faster than Earth’s African hemisphere. Researchers at the University of Oslo have found that the loss of heat from the earth to the outside world is not the same everywhere. The study created a computer model of heat coming out of the earth for 400 million years.

There were two types of research. One looked at the amount of heat from the interior of the earth flowing through the inner core, and the other observed the temperature of the continents. It is the inner core of the earth that holds the atmosphere close to the earth and causes gravity. Over the years, the Earth’s temperature has been declining. In billions of years, the Earth will freeze and become a planet like Mars. Due to the movement of the earth’s crust, lava and terrestrial heat are continuously released from the ocean floor. The distance from the Earth’s core to the outside is less than that of the oceans. This leads to heat loss to the outside through the ocean floor.

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