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China adopts new method to suppress Muslim community; targets Muslim women

Communist China has launched  a new way to suppress the minority Muslim community in the country.  China is now targeting Muslim women in the country. China is planning to implement a new law regarding birth rate. Chinese government has ordered Muslim women to use contraceptive devices.

In China,  women are being urged to have more babies to increase the  falling birthrate. But for Muslims the government is asking them to use contraceptive devices.  In the Xinjiang region, where the Muslim population lives in China, the government is forcing them to have fewer kids, tightening its grip on Muslim ethnic minorities and trying to orchestrate a demographic shift that will diminish their population growth.

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As per reports in the international media, women who refuse to use contraceptive procedure and families with more children  will be imposed to pay steep fines or,  detention in an internment camp.

But China has declined all these reports and said that these reports are part of an anti-China agenda.


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