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Good employee! But spends more than an hour in the office toilet every day…

Finding the best employees is a big deal for an organization. A company in Australia also found such a talented employee. The problem is that a large portion of the time spent in the office during the day is spent on the toilet, although the work provided will be done most nicely. So far, the company has asked Reddit that they have to pay one day’s salary every week for free to the above employee and what is the solution?

“We have an employee who is good at work, but as soon as he comes to the office he goes to the toilet and spends 20 minutes there and then it’s 9.30 am when he starts work, which is about half an hour. This worker goes to the toilet two or three times a day in the same way. Spend at least 20 minutes there each time you go. The last time you go to the toilet is when you have half an hour to finish work. By the time this is over, he will be in the office, carrying his bag and going home, “the company said in a statement.

It is estimated that each employee works 4 days a week and spends one day in the toilet. That is, the company claims that they pay the worker one day to sit on the toilet. The company does not want to be fired because the employee is talented. At the same time, it is not possible to proceed in this manner. Australia has strong labour laws, so it is not possible to reduce wages for these reasons. The company has raised the question of what is the best solution in this case.

Several respondents said the employee may have a medical condition. Another customer response is that many business owners and managers are more focused on the trivial. “A third person commented that I can not think of a company that would consider my toilet break.” “Manage the employee’s efficiency and achievements, do not limit his time,” that’s what James Spears said.


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