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Love to give women a big voice to tell their story: Jessica Biel on backing ‘Cruel Summer’

Hollywood megastar Jessica Biel says she and her producer companion Michelle Purple prefer to give a platform to females of all ages and their upcoming teen psychological thriller series ‘Cruel Summer’ is one such attempt.

The duo had also backed the critically-acclaimed collection ‘The Sinner’, in which Biel also stars, and drama function “The Book of Love” through their manufacturing organisation Iron Ocean Productions.

Created and produced through Bert V Royal, ‘Cruel Summer’ takes location over three summers in the ’90s when a lovely and famous teen, Kate, goes missing, and a reputedly unrelated female Jeanette transforms from a candy and awkward outlier to the most famous lady in town, sooner or later turning into the most despised person in America.

‘Walking through the experiences of these two young women at the forefront of this show was something we absolutely love to do for our company. (We) constantly give women a large voice and a moment to tell their story. Not caring about what kind of age we are talking about, younger or mature women,’ Biel said.

What attracted her to the story of the 10-episode exhibit was taking part in the ‘idea of perspective’, recalled the 39-year-old actor-producer.

‘The concept of who’s telling the truth? The reality very much lives in this other realm of your truth, my truth and something else that’s also true. That seemed very mealy to us.’

Biel, who serves as an executive producer on ‘Cruel Summer’ alongside with Purple, said the non-linear narrative of the sequence in which each episode focuses on the same day over the course of three years: 1993, 1994 and 1995, was unique.


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