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A glimpse into Janhvi Kapoor’s dream wedding: Mehendi at Sridevi’s Mylapore home and a marriage at Tirupati

In a recent interview with a fashion brand, Janhvi Kapoor discussed what her ideal wedding would look like. Peacock magazine interviewed the actress regarding her desire for a simple ceremony. Janhvi mentioned that she wanted to have her bachelorette party on a yacht in Capri, Southern Italy. In regard to her wedding ceremony, she told the magazine that Tirupati would be her favorite. She also said she would hold her Mehendi and sangeet ceremonies at Sridevi’s ancestral home in Mylapore.

Janhvi kept it low-key, mentioning perhaps she’s not too interested in the reception. She said, ‘Is a reception necessary? No na? Screw the reception’. According to Janhvi, her wedding decor will be ‘traditional but simple, full of candles and mogras’. She also said that her wedding will be a short one because she doesn’t consider herself very good at decorating. ‘Two days mein I’ll niptao it (I’ll wrap it up in two days),’ she said. For her bridesmaids, Janhvi would like to include her sister Khushi Kapoor, her half-sister Anshula Kapoor, and her best friend Tanisha Santoshi.

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Janhvi Kapoor’s brother Arjun Kapoor in a recent conversation with Bazaar magazine spoke about his relationship with the sister. He stated, ‘There were silences. Despite our meetings, we didn’t communicate well,’ Arjun said. Janhvi responded, ‘I’ve learned so much from my family, we have the same blood’. Arjun teasingly retorted, ‘Glad you caught on to that’.


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