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‘India is not a true friend’: Taliban leader Anas Haqqani

Kabul: Taliban’s Haqqani network leader Anas Haqqani has made it clear that India is not their true friend. The Taliban leader also said that India must change its policy towards Afghanistan. He made this remarks in an interview given to Wion News.

‘Unfortunately, India has been biased and fuelling the fire of war for the past 20 years. As yet, India has not done anything for peace. As yet, their role has been negative. Even in the media, there is a reflection. It portrayed Talibs as very bad people. They need to change their policy towards Afghanistan’, said Anas Haqqani.

‘The people of Afghanistan do understand because of the negativity and India is not a true friend. The Islamic Emirates police are to be diplomatic with everyone. It would be better that they should give up negativity and take positive steps so that the people can live with peace and a better life’, he added.

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The Haqqani network leader also refuted the news that there is dispute in top Taliban leadership. He accused those elements linked to the former government of Ashraf Ghani are spreading this fake news.

Anas Hqqani also claimed that the group has changed a lot but their patriotism and their Islamic side are unchanged. He also made it clear that although female diplomats will be allowed to work in the country but they will be responsible to respect the cultural values put forward by Taliban.


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