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What is pornography and how many types of pornography are there?

The term ‘porn’ is derived from the word pornography, which means that the content is explicit and is not for the minors. Pornography is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal.

But now a new term has also in circulation and that is ‘Ethical Porn’. it is sometimes called feminist porn or fair-trade porn.

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For pornography to be called ethical porn it must satisfy some criteria. It must be made after getting consensus of the performers. it must also treat all performers with respect, and pays performers and filmmakers fairly for their work. There is a mutual understanding among everyone on the film set—everyone knows and feels comfortable with what’s happening.

Ethical porn is a realistic depictions of sex. it includes people with diverse body types, queer relationships, and real female pleasure.

Ethically produced adult films treats all equally and performers and filmmakers get paid fairly. These films are made in a safe and secure environment that treats performers with respect. Performers aren’t pressured into doing things they don’t want to do or put in unsafe or compromising situations. And one of the most vital things about ethical porn is that it shows real sexual pleasure.

Mainstream porn videos or glamour porn has a male-dominated outlook on what sex is meant to look like, feel like, and even sound like. Unlike, the glamour porn, the ethical porn, always showcases what sex looks like from various perspectives and understands that people with vaginas not only watch porn but enjoy porn.

One of the main problem of the mainstream porn industry is it always forget about the way the rest of the world looks, the world of sexuality, and the fact that every age group has sex. But ethical porn is aimed to feature people from all walks of life. The more inclusive, the better.


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