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‘Cricket’s my priority, didn’t have time before’: Harbhajan on acting

Harbhajan Singh has made his mark in cricket but now focuses on acting- a completely different field. While he has dabbled in it occasionally, the Tamil film ‘Friendship’ marked his first major film role.

Till now, there have been a lot of offers. He said that there were Punjabi films with big producers earlier. There were a few of them who said, ‘let’s make a movie together,’ but I had too much going on playing cricket to get involved, so I never gave it any thought. The idea of this never appealed to me. Likewise, acting is a skill that has to be learned. ‘I have obviously faced the camera on field, this is like live hai, chala raha hai, reaction aa gaya. Here you have to actually get yourself into that zone,’ explains the 41-year-old, who is currently in Abu Dhabi for the Indian Premier League (IPL).

In his own words, making a full fledged film was a challenge. Singh says learning the language was also difficult. He explained that he honestly just went with the flow, thinking, ‘Let’s try it and see what happens.’ But acting was never one of his life goals. Cricket has always been his passion. In addition to that, he doesn’t think ‘mere dimaag mein tha yeh karna hai, voh karna hai.’ You will never know until you try. ‘After 10 years you might say kar lena chahiye tha. I will not have that regret,’ asserts the cricketer.

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He says he has already received more offers for Punjabi films. However, he doesn’t know if he can do them. ‘One thing is for sure, cricket is my first priority, it’s always been. I am today whatever I am because of the game. Whatever I got in life, is because of it. Aaj films bhi mil rahi hain, kyunki main aaj Harbhajan Singh bana hoon, na ki main tagda actor hoon ya tagdi shakal hai. Game has given me a name, uss lihaaz se mil rahi hain cheezein,’ he quips.


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