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Country lifts mandatory quarantine for passengers from India

Singapore: Vaccinated passengers from India will be allowed to enter Singapore. The Singapore government has lifted the mandatory quarantine rule for passengers from India. The new entry rule will come into force from March 16.

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)  has extended the  Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) for India to  all cities in India. At present the VTL is applied to passengers from Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.

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Also, vaccinated air travellers will be able to enter Singapore from more cities in Malaysia and Indonesia without having to serve quarantine. The VTL for Malaysia will extend beyond Kuala Lumpur to include Penang. The  VTL for Indonesia will extend beyond Jakarta to include Bali. Passengers  from Vietnam and Greece are also being allowed to enter Singapore under the VTL on or after March 16.

The CAAS has established VTLs with 30 countries and regions. It has issued 348,518 vaccinated travel passes to travellers from these countries and regions to enter Singapore between September 8, 2021, and March  16.



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