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All myths around sex toys busted

Several people have  inhibitions when it comes to using sex toys. It is a fact  that   several  people who believe in myths around sex toys and refrain from using them to their full potential. So, here are a few myths around sex toys, busted!

They can ruin your sex life:  It is one of the most common  myth that  sex toys can ruin your sex life. It is not true.   According to a study by Kinsey Institute, women who use vibrators are more regular with their Gynae appointments and in fact they experience.

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There are very few unisex toys in the market:  All sex toys can be used for all genders.

Men who enjoy anal sex toys are gay or bi-sexual: This myth is very deep rooted. On face value, anal play is still discussed as gay sex but it isn’t so. Men in fact have a P-spot like women have a G-spot. This spot is located an inch or two inside the rectum and it is very pleasurable. It is said to give men an earth-shattering orgasm.


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