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Zelensky blames Russia for food crisis, says ‘Africa is actually a hostage’

President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that ‘Africa is actually a hostage’ since foodgrain remained stuck in the Black Sea port due to the Ukraine war.

‘This war may seem very distant to you and your countries. But the food prices that are catastrophically rising have already brought (the war) to the homes of millions of African families’, the Ukraine president told the African Union.

According to Zelensky, The Russian conflict, which was painfully felt on all continents, was to blame for the unfair level of food prices. ‘Unfortunately, this can be a particular problem for your countries’.

The president of Ukraine asserted that Russia was blocking 25 million tonnes of food grain while informing that ‘complex, multilevel negotiations’ were taking place with Russian authorities to end the blockade of Ukrainian ports, however, he later acknowledged no progress had been achieved. ‘Food crisis in the world will continue as long as this colonial war continues’, Zelensky said.

Since President Putin announced a special military campaign against Ukraine in February and numerous Russian vessels were allegedly stationed nearby, Russia has reportedly blockaded the Black Sea port.

Meanwhile, Russia said that Western governments were to blame for the threat of starvation. The Western countries, according to the Russian foreign ministry, were to fault for systematic blunders in agriculture policy and short-sighted financial and monetary processes during the pandemic.

According to the foreign ministry, Isolating Russia is impossible but ‘what is possible is for the West to isolate itself. If they isolated anybody, they isolated themselves from us. It is the absolute truth’.


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