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Concern raised by experts over a giant sunspot that is facing Earth and could produce powerful solar flares

Astronomers have discovered a massive sunspot that is three times the size of the Earth and are alarmed by the possibility that it will direct medium-class (M-class) solar flares at the Earth.
Sunspot AR3038 increased in size by more than doubling between Sunday and Monday, becoming several times bigger than the diameter of the Earth, and has continued to grow over the past 48 hours, according to a report by NASA heliophysicist C. Alex Young at EarthSky.
Tony Phillips, the creator of SpaceWeather.com, made a similar observation, stating that he was astounded by the rate at which the sunspot has been expanding over the last 24 to 48 hours.
On Wednesday, he noted that the rapidly expanding sunspot had quadrupled in size in just 24 hours and that the magnetic field surrounding it may send M-class solar flares toward Earth.
As activity increases in the typical 11-year cycle of sunspots, the sun has recently been producing an unusually high number of M-class and X-class flares.
Sunspots are cooler than the surrounding areas and have a black colour on the Sun’s surface. They produce solar flares, which are intense radiation bursts. Because they form over regions with incredibly strong magnetic fields, sunspots are exceedingly cool.
Large-scale X-class flares are significant occurrences that have the potential to cause global radio blackouts as well as intense radiation storms in the high atmosphere.
Medium-sized M-class flares typically result in brief radio blackouts that affect Earth’s polar regions. Sometimes an M-class flare is followed by small radiation storms.
Small C-class flares rarely have any detectable effects on Earth.


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