Men hate these sex positions

A research study revealed that men hate several sex positions. The reason for this is many. Men do not want to have sex in these positions.

Here are they:

Woman on top:  Most men hate to have sex in this position. In this position, women are in control of her orgasm and she has control on the movement, the speed. This is most of the time uncomfortable for men.

The laid down doggy style: In this position, the couple has to put all their weight on their knees and one hand, slightly leaning on each other. This position is considered uncomfortable and a tease for men.

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Missionary: This is the most common sex position used by couples. But most men consider this to be lazy and common.

Spooning: Men feel it involves too much cuddling and they have very less control.

Anything too complicated:  As per studies, most men hates complicated sex positions.



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